Keeping in mind the needs of today and future, Hydro Energy Concern (P.) Ltd. (HEC) was established in 2060 B.S., by a team of professionals with an aim to strengthen the private sector’s capacity in micro, mini and small hydro power area. Although newly established, the company harbors resource persons who posses over 20 years of professional work experiences in a wide spectrum including in design, engineering supervisory support, quality assessment, trainings and capacity building. HEC is equipped with all necessary tools and equipments to carry out works that it takes responsibility for. Apart from selected few highly experienced professionals available all time, HEC also has a pool of resources personnel to carry out works on contract basis.

There are two main areas of works of HEC. These include:

a) Grid Connected Hydro Plants
b) Isolated mini/micro grids of mini/micro hydro plants

The broader scope of company however is not limited to hydropower. HEC is committed to provide services for all kinds of infrastructures development projects as well as for other forms of renewable energy resources by entering into joint venture with other organizations and individuals as and when required.


Phone : (+977) -1- 4355416 
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Address : Samakhusi, Kathmandu

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